Immune Monitoring Core

The Immunologic Monitoring Core will assist target faculty of the COBRE to pursue high-quality research by monitoring immune cell functions following treatment with the dietary supplements in models of inflammatory disease.   The Core will characterize the immune status before, during and after treatment of diseased animals with the plant products so as to provide insights into their prognostic and therapeutic effects.

narendra sing

Core Director:
Narendra Singh
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Juhua Zhou

Juhua Zhou
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The Core will offer

  1. State-of-the-art resources to pursue cellular and molecular immunological assays so as to enable cutting-edge research on the projects 
  2. Provide technological assistance and training in
    the use of major equipment by the users
  3. Participate in experimental design and selection of appropriate assays, troubleshooting and interpretation of results 
  4. Develop and standardize new technologies by evaluation of sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility
  5. Aid in data collection, evaluation and analysis as well as sharing of data.

There are two major components of this core:

  1. Serve as a resource of multi-user equipment 
  2. Perform Immune Function Assessment, including:
    a) Evaluation of the general health status.
    b) Level I immunological testing which includes a variety
    of assays that examine the functions of T cells, B cells,
    NK cells and dendritic cells.
    c) Level II immunological testing of the genetic,
    transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms underlying
    immune dysregulation.

This Core will complement other cores and lead to integration between projects and cores. This core could be used for translational studies in the future.