Macrophage-Induced Inflammation in High Fat Diet Enhanced Breast Cancer: Benefits of Quercetin

Principal Investigator: Angela Murphy

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The global aim of our research involves investigations of dietary and physical activity interventions to reduce macrophage-induced inflammation in cancer. The goal of the current study is to determine the effects of dietary quercetin on inflammation and subsequent tumor progression and overall survival in a mouse model of high fat diet (HFD) enhanced breast cancer (BrCA).

angela murphy
Project PI: Angela Murphy
We will test the hypothesis that the mechanism of action of quercetin on the regulation of MΦ-induced inflammation in HFD-enhanced BrCA is mediated through SIRT1. We will 1) Elucidate the stage-specific effects of quercetin on inflammation in HFD-enhanced BrCA; 2) Evaluate whether MΦs are a target for the anti-inflammatory effects of quercetin in HFD-enhanced BrCA; and 3) Determine whether SIRT1 is a mediator of the effects of quercetin in the regulation of MΦ-induced inflammation in HFD-enhanced BrCA. This investigation proposes to prevent incidence and progression of HFD-enhanced BrCA by using a dietary food component that targets inflammation, the mechanistic core of this disease.

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