Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core

udai singh
Core Director:
Udai Singh
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The Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core, is  housed in the established Instrument Resource Facility (IRF) at the University Of South Carolina School Of Medicine. This core will be supervised by the current Director of the Flow Cytometry lab.  There will be two faculty members who are affiliated with the IRF available for assistance with experimental design, operation of equipment, and training on micro-fluidics instrumentation.

The core will provide all of the technology and expertise required to study changes in the cell composition of circulating blood cells as well as tissues and organs, changes in cell number and ratios, the status of various states of cell differentiation and apoptosis, and the expression patterns of signaling molecules such as cytokines essential in studying the process of inflammation. Many of these changes can be closely monitored by flow cytometry, cell sorting, and various other techniques based on micro-fluidic biotechnology such as multiplex ELISA assays for proteins and real time PCR for RNA.